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Amnesia Discotheque in the Port of the Forum, Barcelona

In association with Ateliers Jean Nouvel

This project transforms the current Edifici Mar in the Fòrum area with a nightclub for live shows and seating for 8,319 spectators. The building is entered on the ground floor, the Promenade level, where there will also be a cloakroom and the building’s toilets. Vertical communication throughout the building will via a staircase in a double helix configuration, embracing a 36.50 m tall mast which contains a lift. This double staircase separates the general public, VIPs and VIPs+. It will create a visual game between these two worlds, which play at wanting to see and being seen. The first floor contains the central dance zone for the public. The second floor, with a covered terrace, is exclusively for VIPs. This area leads to the lower level, reserved for VIPs+, while the third and fourth floors are for toilets and facilities. The mast at the top of the building has a rotating light fixture. This swivelling mast will contrast with the vibrant pace of the interior.

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